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Rules! Empty
PostSubject: Rules!   Rules! EmptySun Sep 02, 2007 5:18 am

1. You must respect every one of the forum
members in the forums and in the game, so that you will be respected
has well. If not you will be banned!

2. Don’t spam in this forum, keep it clean, and post on the right category.

3. If by any chance you have got an issue with some one, use the
personal message (pm) system. If there is any type of discussion not
related to the forum between members, those topics/posts will be
deleted and the members will be warned.

4. This is an international forum, English was the language chosen
to talk in this forum. If you post anything written in any other
language, your topic/post will be deleted without warning.

5. On the “Off Topic” category it is absolutely forbidden to talk
about racism, violence, pornography or any other sensible issue. If you
disrespect this rule you may be warned and your topic will be deleted,
or you will be banned without warning.

6. In conclusion if you see anyone disrespecting these rules, please inform a moderator or the administrator.

7. Remember that the not knowing the rules, is not an excuse to disobey them!!
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