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 The Perfect Character Guide(With Stats)

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The Perfect Character Guide(With Stats) Empty
PostSubject: The Perfect Character Guide(With Stats)   The Perfect Character Guide(With Stats) EmptySun Sep 02, 2007 6:33 am

Made by Mr.perfect

this guide shows all the current characters stats at level 1 and at
level 10 to show how they progress. I am only posting the image link
because it would take to much space. Credit goes to uzi for giving me
the idea and he and gargols also helped me level up faster so thanks
for that. ( Note when I say average I am comparing to Goku)

The following is a list of the meaning of the stats credit goes to Haj01.

Strength- Your physical power to carry out attacks. (more strength = more damage)

Speed- the rate at which you move. (more speed = quicker your manoeuvrability in air and on foot.)

Dexerity- These are how much skill you have in manipulating your ki. (More dex = beams do more damage.)

Intelligence- Your ability to think the ability to think. (more
Intelligence = the better you place your beams (Locks on better, more
speed in beams.)

Toughness- Your robustness. (More you got = more you can take a beating.)

Recovery- return of your health/normal state. (Higher your recovery = The quicker your ki and stamina recovers back full.)


Level 1-
Goku's stats are pretty average as they all do not vary by much and he
is a great starting character.All are mainly around the 24-25 range.

Level 10-His stats all increase quite a bit but still pretty average.


Level 1-He is a bit stronger then Goku at 35 but lacks in speed/agility which are 10-13 each. So time your attacks well..

Level 10-Strength
increases to 80, but his speed and agility lack. So you may be
overwhlemed by some of the smaller faster characters if not careful.
his other stats are about the same as Gokus.


Level 1-
Yamcha is pretty fast and agile and roughly the same strength as Goku.
His other stats are a bit below average but one good advantage is his
recovery which means if he were to get beat up it wouldn't take too
long to recover his energy or health.

Level 10-As
stated above he is still very fast but lacks in power so it is
important to heal quickly after killing your enemy or temporarily
retreat if health runs too low.


Level 1-He is weak in the ki blast area and agility but he more then makes up for it with his strength and toughness.

Level 10-Still
the same pattern with stats , so it would be wise to use melee with
Tien instead of trying to outblast your opponent unless they are very
low on health.


Level 1-For
a child he is exceptionally strong and very fast so you could kill your
opponent quite quickly with him if you do not get beat down due to his
lack of toughness or intelligence.He also isn't the ebst with his low
recovery capabilities.

Level 10-Nearly
as strong as is father but much faster only downside is his
toughness.So when you fight your enemy remember that he can't take a
beating as much as others and recover as quickly since he is a kid.


Level 1-Very close to average only differing from goku in a few areas by merely 1 point.The two saiyans are practically equal.

Level 10-
Still about the same as Kakarot but this time only varying by 5
points.So if you were to face Goku experience would be the key factor.


Level 1-
Stronger and tougher then his little brother but is slow speed wise and
intelligent wise still a great melee choice. Guessing that is why he
was killed in the show.

Level 10 -
He has increased alot in strength and toughness but the other stats
areabout the same as above. His recovery is the same as Goku's is.So
with Raditz stick to the hand to hand fighting with Raditz.


Level 1-To
my surprise his stats are a bit better then Goku's.The only ones that
have a big difference are dexterity and intelligence but with his
destructo disc you make up for the intelligence.

Level 10 -Krillin
is very strong and very close to even Nappa in strength which seems a
bit weird to me.So he could in fact be one of the best characters in
the game for his power and speed are very good for melee combat.


Level 1-He
is almost twice as fast as goku. And basically has better ki
blasts,recovery and is faster and more agile then all. But lacks
severly in melee combat.

Level 10 -Still
proves to be the fastest character in the game but yet the weakest when
it comes to fighting. So be very careful in combat or else you'll get
crushed. A better strategy would be to occasionaly hit your opponent
with a couple of hits but stick mainly to energy blasts to kill.


Level 1- Has overwhelming power and recovery that if used correctly could easily topple alot of foes.

Level 10-Still
one of the most powerful characters in the game and is very good at
recovering. But he is quite slow so aim carefully and accurately and do
not distance yourself from your enemy

- Well that is the end of my guide took me a long time
to put it all together so please comment/ rep if you find it helpful
and also if any of the links are messed up please say so and I will fix

Have a nice day

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The Perfect Character Guide(With Stats) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Perfect Character Guide(With Stats)   The Perfect Character Guide(With Stats) EmptySun Sep 02, 2007 10:41 pm

a few of the links didn't work out I think for piccolo and tien.
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The Perfect Character Guide(With Stats)
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