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 The Perfect Guide to Better Combat (guide for beginners)

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The Perfect Guide to Better Combat (guide for beginners) Empty
PostSubject: The Perfect Guide to Better Combat (guide for beginners)   The Perfect Guide to Better Combat (guide for beginners) EmptySun Sep 02, 2007 6:35 am

Made by Mr. Perfect

In this guide I will teach the people who are new to the mod better The Perfect Guide to Better Combat (guide for beginners) CoolThe Perfect Guide to Better Combat (guide for beginners) CoolThe Perfect Guide to Better Combat (guide for beginners) Coolfighting
techniques. That way they will have a more variety of moves to use
instead of simply one attack. The guide will be broken down into
several sections one section for each different type of attack. First
however I will post a small set of rules that I personally follow, you
however do not have to.

Unofficial Rules

1.) This is my most important rule of all. And that is never run
away from a fight. Unless however that is getting the last dragonball
to win the game.

2.) Never give up even if the guy is a lot better then you
doesnít mean you canít eventually kill them if you choose your spots

3.) Never spam rapid fire.That has to be the most annoying thing ever but I will explain that later.

4.) Always keep moving never stay in one place. But that doesnít mean fly away from the fight.

Move Guide

1) Melee-
This is what I personally use as one of my main
attacks. I tend not to be as good in the air with it and need to work
on my speed. But on the ground if you mix the punching kicking and dash
attacks then you donít stand a chance

A)Blocking- I really donít block much because it slows me down
too much and I believe that in the time it takes you to block one
attack your opponent could hurt you twice as much.

B)Dash attacks-Very important move to your arsenal. Can provide
a quick way to hit your opponent and cause severe damage if you aim and
hit them enough.

C)Kamikaze- Most of the time this is an all or nothing move
causing the demise of both you and your opponent. But on the occasion
that it does not kill you or your opponent or just kills you that means
you have and opening. This move usually does atleast three fourths
damage. So I suggest that you rush to your opponent and take them out
after you respawn before they heal.

D) Dodging- Another key asset to your move arsenal. There are
two ways to dodge teleporting and fast unpredictable movements.
Teleporting can take timing so it may be harder to dodge some attacks
with this but for the most part it is very good. The other fast
unpredictable movement is good because if your opponent is trying to do
a dash attack to you they will have difficulty in knowing where you
will move to and keeping up to you.

2)Generic Beams-
Very good move to drive your opponent out
from hiding because it causes sufficient damage and has on occasion
gotten me quite a few kills. I usually use I when people run from
battle to hide in the water while charging. I aim carefully.(Take note that the depth perception of water is different then it is above water so aim low)Shoot
and what usually happens is the person will come up out of the water or
die. You could also use this move to fend off those who attempt to
steal your dragonballs. Only problem is they may take too much time to
charge up and therefore the person may escape unharmed and with your
balls. But donít worry we have another move that takes care of that.

3) Rapid Fire-
As in the rules I said NEVER SPAM THIS ATTACK (unless, for you anacreon you are in kames house and trying to kill enemy).
There are three reasons for this. The first is that it is annoying as
hell and when too many people use it, it causes the player being hit to
have a lack of movement and occasionally die or lose a large amount of
health. The second is because if only one person use this attack it
hardly does anything but waste your time and ki for very minimal
damage. The last and most important reason is that it leaves you wide
open for a stun move. All your opponent has to do is get close enough
to them while they are shooting teleport behind and bam they are done
for. I am not saying never use this move but donít overuse it. I use it
when people are at my base which usually drives them off. Or I will use
this when my opponent is very weak and few well placed shots will take
them out.

4)Stun Moves-(back forward forward right click) One of my
favorite attacks. Capable of killing or critically injuring your
opponent. If you know your opponent will use this attack I suggest you
really keep on your toes. Remember your opponent can only stun you if
you fly on the ground it loses its stunning affect.

5)Healing Moves-This is not an attack but helps quite a bit. I
will use this move if I just barely lived through an opponentís
onslaught. Then while they are at their base powering up I heal myself
enough for if they decide to attack again. Do not run away from a fight
to heal unless your opponent has moved to fight someone else. But if
your opponent has landed during your fight to recharge their ki take
advantage of this and if weak land and heal yourself as much as
possible before you fight again. But donít wait too long though or your
opponent could get the upper hand on you.

6) Special Attack Ė You must always aim carefully with this move
because if it isnít directly aimed at the person they will not die only
take a chunk of damage. And you will have to deal with their wrath.
Also you can use it if your opponent is off guard and get somewhat of
an ďunfairĒ kill. But if you want to take the chance of him doing it to
you go right ahead my friend. Also make sure you watch your map because
if you see another players marker somewhat near you not moving I
suggest you get out of their fast because there is a good chance a bang
will be coming.Since you only really get one shot use it wisely. If you
can get your opponent to waste theirs then you nowhave a way of killing


A)Ki Blob-(left click hold rapid fire after growing left click gen beam)
One of the most powerful moves and most of the time more powerful then
a special simply because anyone in the the explosion radius is
basically dead.Even you. So when you decide to use this move take a few
extra steps back just for the hell of it.This move is a great way of
eliminating multiple opponents instantly if they are trapped in an
enclosed space such as kame house or hyperbolic time chamber. Remember
if you see your enemy simply shooting one area over and over again. Get
the hell out. Enough said.

The Perfect Guide to Better Combat (guide for beginners) CoolPlayer Advantages/Disadvantages-Each
player can have an upper hand on another. For instance Chouzu could run
miles around Nappa. In a fight however Chouzu would be crushed. So it
is important to choose a character that best fits you. Goku and Vegeta
are pretty well rounded.Krillin is also good and his finisher destructo
disc can be used as a homing projectile.Remember that strongest is not
always the best.

9)Teamplay-Being a multi player mod teamwork is key. But here
are some basic tips. never team up with someone you despise.It will
never work because yo will never agree on anything. Do not choose a
person who has never played the game and has no idea what they are
doing. It has happened to me and I got pissed off because I told him to
help get dragonballs and he stood by our dragonballs and said "It won't
let me pick them up."Somehow I still won. But also never choose a
teammate who is way above you it simply isn't fair to them if you don't
do anything. Best thing to do is choose someone at your own skill level

10)Lock On-A great feature that allows you to target your
enemies much easier.I don't know the default control for it off the top
of my head because I changed my controls and you have to actually look
and know them before reading this guide.But when you have this
activated it allows most of your energy shots to home in on your
opponent instead of firing blindly like an idiot.

That is the end of my move guide so I hope you
learned something to improve your fighting style.Remember to pick your
spots well and always pay attention to your opponent if they begin to
limp and hold body in pain that means they are weak and you should
eliminate them while the opportunity is open.And always fight to the
last breath even if that means taking yourself and your opponent
straight to the grave.

Have a good day


Add rep if you think this is helpful or simply comment on what you
thought about it and I am always open to suggestions to add to it.
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The Perfect Guide to Better Combat (guide for beginners) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Perfect Guide to Better Combat (guide for beginners)   The Perfect Guide to Better Combat (guide for beginners) EmptySun Sep 02, 2007 10:38 pm

I was actually thinking about posting it here but you beat me to it.
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The Perfect Guide to Better Combat (guide for beginners)
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