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 Patch v0.1.24 Released

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Patch v0.1.24 Released Empty
PostSubject: Patch v0.1.24 Released   Patch v0.1.24 Released EmptySun Sep 02, 2007 6:42 am

Quote :
Well it's that time again, another patch to fix a few of the errors
reported. The main thing this patch fixes is the two main crash bugs
that have been plagueing alot of the servers. Namely the map change
crash bug and the !level crash bug have been squashed. This patch
doesn't really add anything new to the game, just fixes/polishes some
areas, but it does add one feature to make melee a little easier to
control, especially when dashing or flying. We have added a button that
when pressed with snap your view to your lockon target, which allows
for more accurate fast paced action. In the options menu you can set it
to toggle or non toggle. If you check the box it will set toggle mode,
which means when you push the button your view will stay focused on
your target until you push the button again to unlock your view. If the
check box is unchecked, you will have to hold the button down to keep
your view locked.

Changelog for 0.1.24


-Map change crash bug squashed

-!level crash bug fixed

-fixed balance team issue when only 2 or 3 teams enabled

-fixed lag issue when saving stats

-fixed getting stuck in an animation when changing attack mode due to lag


-Added player name on/off toggle to the player options

-Added snap view button for lockon enhancement

-Now need at least 2 people in the server to win a round

-Dash attacks now knock back the enemy

-Dash no longer does double damage

-Must have client version 1.24 to play on 1.24 servers

-Only do half melee damage when not touching the ground

-Stats rank is only updated on map change (saves alot of sorting time)

-Connecting with a dash punch now ends the dash (used to allow the enemy to hit you while you were stuck in a delayed animation)

-Can now cancel special attacks once they have been fired (will add more effects to this next major release)

Client Links:




Server Links:


*PS* new server files released on May 29th at 3pm GMT so get the new
files if your server has the block+fly exploit on it, this fixes it!
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Patch v0.1.24 Released
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