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 Oozaru Ingame

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PostSubject: Oozaru Ingame   Oozaru Ingame EmptySun Sep 02, 2007 6:44 am

Quote :
Well we've stopped focusing on weekly updates as those peole who was
with us pre-release would have noticed, but thats not to say we haven't
stopped working on the mod. aBy all means no, and just to rove that we
are still active behind the scenes, we present to you the INGAME Oozaru.

Oozaru Ingame Oo1

He still requires a lot of work to get the bugs out of him, and make
hium 100% stable enough to play with and attack people ingame... which
is why it's only a screenshot and not a video, though give us time and
you'll see a nice video of the beast causing destruction over other

The Oozaru is approx 15 times the size of the average player character
and will be part of a reward style transformation, for players who are
performing well on a map. The Oozaru will become much more powerful,
though there will be downsides to the character, as in being unable to
complete map objects (pick up DragonBalls for example), as well as the
ability to fly, but there's no denying that the Oozaru will greatly
help a team (for a limited time) on any map.

While your here, we at DBSource kindly ask you to click this link
which causes you to vote for our mod daily at moddb.com (no signup or
anything required, just a single click), and helps this mod's public
awareness rise. So if you ever want to help out this mod in a small and
minor way, there it is, just click that link once a day, and your done.
Thank you from DBSource in advance.

those links again...

moddb voter:


Also, here's a couple more screenshots, just for fun...

Oozaru Ingame Oo2

An army of Oozaru's is born, and even on the best of computes, this kinda thing lags you to hell Oozaru Ingame Wink ... no prizes for guessing how many oozaru's there are either Oozaru Ingame Cheesy

Oozaru Ingame Oo3

due to incomplete coding(or something like that), the Oozaru's leg gets
caught while falling off the platform and just hangs there.

You can see Goku on the platform also, which can give you a decent size reference to the whole image

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Oozaru Ingame
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